Steps for Creating a Professional Website

A professional website helps your customers learn more about your business and buy your services or products. While creating a website can seem like an overwhelming and expensive project, there are a variety of options available for your design and budget.

Web Design Company or Do-It-Yourself

Decide if you will work with a web development firm or design the website yourself. Compare companies to see how they meet your programming, budget and design needs. If you will create the site on your own, find WYSIWIG (What You See Is What You Get) software or a website that guides you through the design process. A web design company will cost more, but your site will be created faster. You will spend more time than money if you create the website yourself. Personally I recommend for a professionally designed website.

Domain Name and Hosting

Choose a domain name. Your customers will find your business online using this information (also known as a URL or web address). Choose a professional-sounding name that relates to your business. Most companies simply add “.com” to their business, product or service name for their website address.

Register your website address and choose a hosting company. If you work with them, a design firm will usually register your domain name and provide hosting services. On your own, you can register your name and host your website with one company or shop around to find the best deals on each service separately. Avoid free hosting sites, since they can make your site look unprofessional by placing advertising on it.

Website Planning

Examine your website purpose. You should think about why you are creating a website and what you want your customers to do there. Common goals include improving your company image, selling products or services, gaining sales leads and creating an online community.

Create a content outline. Using your goals as a guide, list what types of pages you will have on your website. This summary should describe special pages such as forms, forums and blogs.

Design a site structure map. Your homepage should be at the top. Write out your main site pages under the homepage. Then, organize subpages (which contain related content) under these main headings. This map will help you remember to create all the pages you need for your website.

Website Design

Design your website. Your site should reflect the personality of your business, and appeal to your customers’ sensibilities. Take a look at your competitors’ websites to get some design ideas. A design firm will ask several questions to determine the look of your site, and present a variety of designs for your consideration. Designing the site yourself, you can choose a template or create a site using your design software or websites.

Test your website before making it live (available online). Have a few friends or business associates review your site to look for typos, missing information, ease of navigation and appearance. Make sure all links work and all content loads properly. An error-free website appears more professional because it shows your attention to detail.

Your Live Site

Upload your site to your hosting service. Many hosting companies have online uploading interfaces. However, some sites may need you to upload via an FTP application. Check your host’s website for instructions

Best Foot Forward In Business

Finished products are nice. In businesses they are really nice, and well, many times required. Professional looks are a must and nothing can be done just rinky-dink. It should be top notch, class A, best quality you can produce kind of material. In business you see, it is part competition. When the competition is one upping you, you need to at least come up to their level, one up them, or change your direction a bit making your product or service better in meeting the needs of others. It is part about quality of the product or quality of the services rendered; it is also in part about the niche or the specialty group of people you are serving.
Think about your business objectively. Do your best. Have a family friend, or a friend of a friend give you honest feedback. This can really benefit you and your company. If they have not already had a first impression, then this is the time to get some feedback on what first impressions are made onto others. It might be the big picture that they notice: the smells, the noise, the way the sunlight hits, the outside appearance of the shop or workplace environment. It could be the first customer service interaction that gets their attention… now did it do that in a good way or a bad way? This is crucial to the survival of your business.
Now back to how your business looks, how it comes across, and what it says about your company. do you have anything with silk screen letters on metal? What products, textures, lettering are you using to communicate and display your business for others to see? Whatever you showcase is what others will see. They will automatically judge it and jump to conclusions. That is simply how it works now these days. In the United States as well as other countries that is how it works and how others view things. We may say we don’t’ judge, but we do. Your business will be judged and conclusions will be made just on looks alone or the outside appearance. In order to get off onto the right foot, do be prepared to put your best foot forward. Allow your company to have a great appearance towards the outside world, in such a world where these things matter.

Leave That To The Professionals

Have you seen or heard about the new California payroll laws regarding sick day pay? Some call it PTO, others call it sick days, but the point of the matter is that the law recently changed mid-2015 that a certain amount of sick days must be paid sick days to certain employees who fall under certain headings of part time or full time, etc. Have you heard about that one? If you are an employee working for someone, chances are good that you have heard of this. If you are an employer, you surely should have heard of this by now. If you have not, you need to make it right and get things squared away. Following the law is of great importance for your sake and the sake of your employees and their livelihoods. Worst case scenario would be that you were to get sued or something and that would be no bueno whatsoever. So what is a way that you could avoid all of this? What is a way that you can be in compliance with laws pertaining to this and such? Hire a professional, of course! There are professional companies who do this kind of thing on a large scale and it is their job to know their stuff. In other words, you do not have to be up on the latest laws, you just need to delegate out the work, pay them to do so of course, and have them be responsible and liable to make the changes accordingly and in compliance with the law. Crescent City payroll services is a great way to get into the payroll, time off, PTO matters. When the time off interacts with the money side of things, that is when it affects payroll. Do what is best for yourself, your employees, and your company. Large companies use payroll services as well as small ones. If it is something that would be better delegated out that you do not have to do or deal with, then go ahead and deal it out and get it off of your to do list. Off your mind, off your to do list, and there you go you are set. Leave the payroll and hourly accrual of vacation time off to the experts. What a nice feeling it will be to have that load off of your mind, and off your to do list.