8 Important Advice That Will Influence Your Startup Business

On this article, I want to share some startup advice from Paul Graham, co founder Y-Combinator.

“Build a startup business is weird, If you trust your instincts, then you will make many mistakes.”

  1. You have to trust your instincts when you start hiring people

One of the common mistakes made by the young founder (startup builder) is not to trust their instincts when hiring people. If you feel that this person is a person who is not right, you should listen to what your heart says.

  1. Do not become the expert on startup, be expert in user.

Learned a lot about how to build a startup advice in general is a dangerous thing, because it can make you tempted to “play around”.

It makes the original purpose of building a company is not to build a great business and accepted in the market but to get money from investors, and also because they get a great office, and employ many people.

  1. You cannot play startup.

Although you can get high marks in the classroom or in the office into a model employee with a way to lick your teacher or boss, you cannot do it at startup. “There are no tricks to be great at startup, only the user,” said Graham.

He warned that sometimes, investors may be mocked by giving money to a startup is not clear / high risk, but in fact this is just a waste of time because the founder false startup will simply fail without a strong business idea behind it.


  1. Startup will take over your life is more than what you can imagine.
  2. Start a successful startup is the same as having a child where you press a button and you cannot turn your life back.
  3. It is virtually impossible to say that you are the type of person who is suitable to build a startup before you try it.

“Starting a startup will transform you completely.”

So what do you measure later is not who you are, but you will grow up to be what it will be, and who can do it?

  1. Do not try to think the idea of a startup.

That’s how Apple, Yahoo, Google and Facebook started. None of these companies are built to be a big company initially. They are just a side project. Startup great almost all began as a side project, because great ideas are usually the odd idea in your mind, it is not a feasible idea to build a company.

  1. Learn everything you can.

Building a startup usually is to meet the desires of curiosity. So for you the young founder, learn whatever you can.

Keep motivate yourself and be succees !!

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